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Summer is a Lie

Summer is a lie. There, I said it. As a child I was raised to believe that Summer was the vacation from the real world. When you were able to break free from the shackles of pencils, books, and teacher’s … Continue reading

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First Santa Pictures Experience

It being the Christmas season we took our little girl to get her first Santa pictures taken. I had to work that morning so I was going to meet my wife, daughter and my mom at the mall. Once I … Continue reading

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Tales From a High School Dance Chaperone

This last weekend I had the opportunity to chaperone¬†a high school dance with my wife. I jumped at the chance to observe the youth of the nation in action. I didn’t go to a lot of dances in high school … Continue reading

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I’ll Tell You The Truth, Kids Lie

Of all the character flaws that people have, lying is by far the most frustrating. At a very young age we all decide that our fiction is way better than the truth. But at what point to people start lying? … Continue reading

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To Santa or Not To Santa

With this being my first holiday season being a parent I’m in the middle of a true Christmas conundrum. She seems to be completely aware of what is coming up for the first time ever and I completely base that … Continue reading

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They Grow Up So Fast….Just Curious How Fast

As a first time parent I’m having a lot of fun watching my kid grow and learn. She seems to be growing up very quickly but I don’t know when children are supposed to learn or develop certain things. Sure … Continue reading

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Toys R Yours

We¬†received the Target Christmas Toy Book o’ Coupons this last weekend and I had my first opportunity to take a glimpse into my future. As I watched my daughter scour through the pages of the book and pick EVERYTHING as … Continue reading

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