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Summer is a Lie

Summer is a lie. There, I said it. As a child I was raised to believe that Summer was the vacation from the real world. When you were able to break free from the shackles of pencils, books, and teacher’s … Continue reading

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A Familiar Face

 You’re walking down a crowded city sidewalk, minding your own business. Looking up at the faces of the people walking in the opposite direction (“I just came from there. You’re not missing anything.”). As you make eye contact with strangers you … Continue reading

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First Santa Pictures Experience

It being the Christmas season we took our little girl to get her first Santa pictures taken. I had to work that morning so I was going to meet my wife, daughter and my mom at the mall. Once I … Continue reading

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Tales From a High School Dance Chaperone

This last weekend I had the opportunity to chaperoneĀ a high school dance with my wife. I jumped at the chance to observe the youth of the nation in action. I didn’t go to a lot of dances in high school … Continue reading

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I’ll Tell You The Truth, Kids Lie

Of all the character flaws that people have, lying is by far the most frustrating. At a very young age we all decide that our fiction is way better than the truth. But at what point to people start lying? … Continue reading

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To Santa or Not To Santa

With this being my first holiday season being a parent I’m in the middle of a true Christmas conundrum. She seems to be completely aware of what is coming up for the first time ever and I completely base that … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Bucklehats!

Let’s face facts, Thanksgiving is good for turkey and football and not much else. In fact, it seems like it’s becoming the lesser holiday to Black Friday, which up until 5 years ago I thought was just the way that … Continue reading

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