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Oh, Fantasy Football, We Hardly Knew Ye

I’ve decided to write a short eulogy for the thing that brought me much joy these last couple months, my fantasy football team. The Green Bay Pac-Men led by cerebral assassin quarterback, Aaron Rodgers went into the playoffs this year … Continue reading

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First Santa Pictures Experience

It being the Christmas season we took our little girl to get her first Santa pictures taken. I had to work that morning so I was going to meet my wife, daughter and my mom at the mall. Once I … Continue reading

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Kern on the Gridiron: Week 13, Detroit, WHAT!?!? Edition

There have been several teams throughout sports that have been known as dirty teams. The Pistons of the late 80’s, Raiders of the 70’s, the Knicks of the 90’s and basically any team that Bill Romanowski¬†played on. The newest member … Continue reading

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Tales From a High School Dance Chaperone

This last weekend I had the opportunity to chaperone¬†a high school dance with my wife. I jumped at the chance to observe the youth of the nation in action. I didn’t go to a lot of dances in high school … Continue reading

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I’ll Tell You The Truth, Kids Lie

Of all the character flaws that people have, lying is by far the most frustrating. At a very young age we all decide that our fiction is way better than the truth. But at what point to people start lying? … Continue reading

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