To Santa or Not To Santa

With this being my first holiday season being a parent I’m in the middle of a true Christmas conundrum. She seems to be completely aware of what is coming up for the first time ever and I completely base that on her pleas during every commercial of “I want that for Christmas!”. I want her to believe in Santa because I did (I still do for some reason too) and it was a lot of fun to wake up and see the cookies and milk eaten and whatnot. As a parent though I don’t understand the draw of Santa. The idea of it is for the parent to have to spend extra money on presents and get none of the credit but rather give credit to a homeless looking man in a red robe.

In fairness, sometimes they ARE just homeless people in pajamas

Being a step-parent, it has always been my goal to let her know how great I am so that I’m appreciated later in life as “Dad” and hopefully don’t get the “You’re not my REAL dad” treatment. So you see my dilemma.

To make things even more difficult, the wife and I are going on a honeymoon cruise for Christmas and are hoping to put off Christmas until we get back. There’s no place for children on the honeymoon because she’s just too young to tell her to just run around the deck for a half hour and apparently “adult fun” on the deck while your child is abandoned in the cabin is “frowned upon”. It just occurred to me the other day that this means that she must be kept away from calendars during that time and we have to start any advent calendars purposefully late. I’m concerned about the fallout if she realizes that Christmas passes without us. My parents went on a cruise once for Christmas and I was pissed….and I was 24 at the time!

The other issue is how do I explain this to her in terms of Santa?

“Um….Santa found us and left these presents for you with us for safe keeping.”
“Uh….we sent a notice to Santa to let him know that we’ll be late. He appreciated it because he was very busy on Christmas Eve.”
“Dur…Santa got lost in the Caribbean and daddy bravely saved him. He got you this as a reward.”

She currently lacks a real understanding of time and date as she describes anything that happens in the past, no matter how long ago it occurred, as “yesterday”. I think we’ll be okay but I’m concerned that if she catches on that I’ll be making this up to her for the rest of her life. Santa, help us!


About Josh K

I've always been known as the "funny guy" but getting that "funny" from my brain to paper is still a work in progress. For as far back as I can remember I've just wanted to write for a living and now that I have some big changes in life I finally have a story to tell. Here goes nothin'.....
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2 Responses to To Santa or Not To Santa

  1. Candyce says:

    Well…when do you leave? Who is she staying with? Is she still going to be going to daycare while your gone? If no to the day care I would celebrate christmas with her before you leave.

    • Josh K says:

      We’re going to do xmas when we get back. It will definitely make for a fun thing to look forward to when we get back rather than wanting to just stow away on the boat and go out again.

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