Happy 1-Month Birthday K.O.T.C.

As of today I’ve now been writing this blog for exactly 1 month. That doesn’t seem like much but it’s a bit of a milestone for me. I usually can’t commit to doing anything for more than a couple of weeks maximum (other than marriage but even then it seems like 5 years is my brick wall so far) so this is something unheard of. At this point I’ve posted 23 different entries and over 14,000 words and I feel like that book deal is right around the corner (Keep wishing Josh). Over 700 of you have tuned in to my parenting hijinks and random thoughts and I greatly appreciate it. Either that or one of you has logged in 700 times (Thanks Mom!). I’ve already mapped out some good posts coming up and I’m sure inspiration will strike in the form of a 3-year old girl doing something blog-worthy too. Thanks again for visiting and sharing this with your friends and I hope to entertain you for a long time coming.


About Josh K

I've always been known as the "funny guy" but getting that "funny" from my brain to paper is still a work in progress. For as far back as I can remember I've just wanted to write for a living and now that I have some big changes in life I finally have a story to tell. Here goes nothin'.....
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