Dog Whisperer Parenting

Parenting is a completely new concept to me and these last 2 months have been definitely a time for trial and error. Up until this point though there hasn’t been a lot of error though as most of it is plain common sense. Don’t put that in your nose! Make sure to wipe when you’re done! Don’t eat crayons! That type stuff, simple.

...or don't put a hair dryer in the tub while Daddy is bathing just to see what burning flesh smells like. You know, simple stuff.

There is one parenting habit that I’m trying to break but I go back and forth on whether or not I really need to. See, I’m a bit of a tv junkie if you haven’t noticed by half of my last few posts being focused on the glowing box of greatness. In my years of television “experience” I’ve run across a show called Dog Whisperer. I had a dog at the time when I watched it so at least I wasn’t just a weirdo watching just to have someone talking to me but rather to attempt to be a better dog owner. Now, though, I don’t have the dog anymore (I miss you Kahlua) but I still have the lessons that Cesar Milan has taught me.


With parenting though I’ve caught myself a couple of times attempting to use these dog training habits on my child and that makes me feel awful. I’m not trying to get her to drink from a bowl or do her “business” outside or anything so don’t call CPS just yet. It’s more like snapping fingers when I want to get her attention or giving a “TSST!” when I want her to stop something. It’s not good stuff but it really gets the job done. My concern is that she grows up weird because of it. My greatest fear is that it goes WAY overboard and she starts to wear a dog collar as a fashion statement.

...or wants to wear this. WTF!!

The dog training tricks that I’ve learned though aren’t all bad and I think all parents use them. Tell me what parent doesn’t reward good behavior because everyone does. It’s the best way to encourage the correct behaviors and is dog training 101. Granted after the age of 1 it’s probably time to take away the chew toys for babies but you get the general idea of what I’m saying.

I guess I’m torn between trying to decide if these things are the wrong way to raise a child. I know that I shouldn’t really admit that all that I know about parenting I’ve tried out on a dog but if it’s the truth and it turns out ok, then what’s the harm. I do love it when she runs to the front door when I come home to greet me. I just have to fight the urge to rub her nose in her accidents.


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I've always been known as the "funny guy" but getting that "funny" from my brain to paper is still a work in progress. For as far back as I can remember I've just wanted to write for a living and now that I have some big changes in life I finally have a story to tell. Here goes nothin'.....
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2 Responses to Dog Whisperer Parenting

  1. Everything I know about parenting, I learned from training my dogs. You are on the right track. And you should see my youngest fetch a stick!

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