The Beginning of a…..something

Howdy y’all…..

OK, already a bad start…..mulligan!

This blog(are they still called that? eh.) is the by-product of having a story to tell but lacking the schooling or grammatical know-how to not be laughed out of doing it professionally.  Over the next [insert the first 2 numbers of your drivers license here] years I’ll talk about my numerous wacky experiences too good to keep to myself.  But before we get to the comedy gold lets start with the introductions.

My name is Josh. I was thinking about a cool alias like Max Power or Hugh Jass but I think this is going to be about pure honesty and starting with a goofy “nom de plume”(ooooh, fancy) probably doesn’t promote transparency. I recently turned 29 years old which means no buffer between where I am and 30 anymore. I live in the greater Northwest of the US (vagueness is allowed however). I’m a newly married man but just like my hero Patrick Duffy from Step by Step, it’s the 2nd time around. With my nuptials(which I rapped btw) I also took on the scary yet very rewarding role of new parent of a smart/cute/going-to-be-trouble-as-a-teen 3-yr old daughter.

On top of that I’m the kind of guy that crosses the street towards the hygenically-challenged individual yelling obscenities just to have a story to tell. I’m the guy who eats the food that has lost its color and now smells of a soggy mixed bag o’ misery just to have a crowd for my tale of food poisoning woe. I’m the guy who watches really crappy movies just to make fun of it. In other words I suffer for my audience…but I like it and this will be all the better because of it. I have a lot of new things in my life and I have a lot of screwing up to do before I possibly get things right. Oh, sweet blog fodder.

So, there’s that. 3 weeks of parenthood/husbandry down(Yeah, that’s an actual word. Like falconry, only way more opportunities for noogies). OK, so husbandry means raising livestock but you get the idea. Stay tuned.


About Josh K

I've always been known as the "funny guy" but getting that "funny" from my brain to paper is still a work in progress. For as far back as I can remember I've just wanted to write for a living and now that I have some big changes in life I finally have a story to tell. Here goes nothin'.....
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